Processes of Computerized Driving License

There are multiple process involved in issuance of Driving Licenses depend on categories and conditions:

  • 1. Online Pre-Appointment.
  • 2. Appearance on Front Desk for verification of Pre-Appointment.
  • 3. Screening & Registration Process & SNAP
  • 4. Medical Examination (Doctor)
  • 5. Fee deposition process (NBP Counter)
  • 6. Written & Oral Test Process (on computer)
  • 7. Road Test (Applicant is required to bring his own Vehicle for the Category of Motor Cycle & Motor Car in accordance to the Motor Vehicle Rule 1969 (Section 8(2) Sub Section 7)
  • 8. Obtaining the final receipt of Driving License.

Note:- The Driving License Card shall be received at the applicant’s residence through TCS process.


- Age should not be less than 18 years - Valid CNIC Card in Original - Physically fit and with 6x6 eyesight