Obtaining A Driving License

Any person male/female of the minimum age of 18 years can apply for a driving licence. The applicant must physically appear in any Driving License Branch i.e Clifton, Nazimbad, Korangi or Hyderabad show his/her original National Identity Card and proof of residence of the area in which a candidate is applying and must be able to read a car number plate from a distance of 20.5 meter (65'):

For fresh licence in all over Sindh the person need to apply first for LEARNER PERMIT.

  • The candidate needs to come to Office, in person.
  • The candidate need to show CNIC of the in any Driving License Branch listed below.
  • Clifton Driving License Branch
  • Nazimabad Driving License Branch
  • Korangi Driving License Branch
  • Hyderabad Driving License Branch
  • You will be seen by Police Doctor to test:
  • Your eye sight should be 6/6. (In case of weak eye sight, bring your glasses).
  • That you should have no hearing problem and if you do then you must possess hearing aid.
  • That you should not be suffering from any the disease as given in Motor Vehicle Rules.
  • In Case of by birth disability of hands/feet or accidental disability license of "Special Vehicle" shall be given.

After fulfilling the above requirement the applicant is eligible for getting the computerized learner permit. The learner permit is valid for 6 months normally. And after that the person is eligible for Computerized Driving License. In this 6 months’ time Candidates have to pass through a series of tests. Phase 1 requires to pass a computerized written test, followed by road signs test. If the candidate fails in any of the phase 1 tests, then the candidate shall retry phase 1 after a gap of 42 days. Passing requires at least 80% correct answers. After Phase 1, Phase 2 is a practical test in which the candidate is tested to drive in narrow spaces, and park in a narrow space. If during the test, the candidate's car touches any of the cones, then a retest can take place after 42 days.

After successfully passing the test the person can get the Computerized Driving License which is valid for 3/5 years.